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Our Purpose:  Real Solutions, Sparked by a Community United for Transformative Change

United Way of the Greater Triangle recognizes that we cannot create change alone. We are committed to mobilizing the caring power of our community and fueling the innovative spirit of the Triangle that has helped this region grow. We believe that together we all can create a powerful force for change and a legacy of achievement for generations to come.

Our United Way is investing in collaborative partnerships. Changing Generations: Pathways to Progress for Families and Children (Changing Generations) is the two-generational approach that addresses the immediate needs of children and their families in vulnerable households while giving them the tools to succeed in the future—more than 80% of our funding supports this collaborative work.

The two-generational approach is designed to break the cycle of poverty. Putting families in the center of services changes how they receive services and how the nonprofit agencies work together. Our collaborative partners work to ensure the well-being of families in five categories: 
  • Partnerships for Families with Very Young Children (0-5)
  • Family Crisis Support
  • Neighborhood Zones
  • Literacy for Children and Adults
  • Youth Success 

One of the most exciting aspects of the two-generational approach is that many collaboratives have both funded and non-funded partners. Some are other nonprofits however, organizations like public school systems, city and county departments, a credit union and even a museum are part of the work in support of Changing Generations. Here is a list of these collaborative partners

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